Friday, August 24, 2012

Brian Skerry and His Underwater Camera

Brian Skerry, an underwater photographer for National Geographic, takes some pretty incredible photographs:

 Photograph By Brian Skerry

 Photograph By Brian Skerry

Photograph By Brian Skerry

Not only does Skerry take spectacular photos of ocean creatures, but he also uses those images to spread awareness about issues that plague our oceans.

What a great guy. Check out his TED Talk* at the bottom of this post!

Skerry's talk is a masterful combination of powerful photographs and carefully chosen words. He very effectively uses the images that he has created to emphasize the need for change in the way that we interact with our oceans. There is not much more for me to add, as my words cannot begin to compete with the images that Skerry has to pair with such words. So please, just watch the video. The one last, notable thing that I have to add is about Skerry's mention of marine protected areas (MPAs). Just like Sylvia Earle and her TED Talk, Skerry spends the last few minutes of his talk discussing MPAs. He tells of his experience photographing at a MPA (specifically, a marine preserve) near New Zealand, and how only 20 years of protection have transformed it from an urchin barren, back into a bountiful kelp forrest. Skerry's anecdote provides further support for Earle's position that a much larger percentage of our oceans ought to be protected.

"So I think the message is clear. The ocean is, indeed, resilient and tolerant to a point, but we must be good custodians." - Brian Skerry

For more of Brian Skerry's photography, visit his website!

*Yes, I know this is my second post in a row that I spend trying to get you all to watch a TED Talk, but these really are awesome videos. I can guarantee you that this will not be my last TED Talk post. :)


  1. I'm a huge Brian Skerry fan.Thanks for a great ocean blog! I also love Sylvia Earle.


    1. Glad you like it Sara! Sylvia Earle is who really inspired me to create this blog and use the resources available to me to try to spread awareness. And Brian Skerry's photography is such a powerful (let alone beautiful) tool for spreading that awareness. Thanks for checking my blog out!