Thursday, August 2, 2012

On My Way To New Coasts

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog! During my first year at UCLA, I have spent hours pondering and deliberating what sort of direction I want to take with my education. I started out thinking medicine, and then changed my plan to psychology. But neither of those options really felt right to me. After taking an ecology class winter quarter, and then an oceanography class during the spring, I was lucky enough to stumble upon what does feel right; and that is pursuing a degree in marine biology. Since my decision to study marine biology, I have also chosen to minor in both conservation biology and atmospheric and oceanic science.
One of the crazy, awesome things about going to a university like UCLA is the phenomenal amount of opportunities that being a part of their academic community allows you to access. And it is these opportunities that have inspired me to create this blog. During spring quarter of 2014, I will be lucky enough to spend several weeks in Tahiti to get a taste for conducting my own field research. A few months before that, at the tail end of December 2013 and into January 2014, I am striving to be a part of an expedition to Antarctica, alongside other students and faculty from UCLA and a handful of other universities. I am so thrilled to have these opportunities available to me and I hope that they are only the beginning of career in marine science that is riddled with chances to experience nature at its most beautiful and most untouched. So here is to the beginning of my new journey, on my way to experiencing new coasts.


  1. Worthy goals! It's good to see you make the most of your academic possibilities.